Semi-successful crocheting project

You are looking at this photo and saying
"but what's wrong with it?" aren't you?

Nice shape, cute flower, great fall colors,
so why is it only semi-successful?

It was supposed to fit me and not a toddler-sized monkey head!!!!

I used the right weight yarn and the right sized crochet hook and the directions were easy to follow. It should've worked out.
Is this what I get for finding free patterns online?

I did figure out my problem with following directions
for making flowers, and even those are easy for me now.

And I have a stash of autumnal yarns to practice with.
I'm going to start by following the same instructions
and just add extra rows to make it longer.


Penny said...

You are too funny Julie!!! So your head's a little bigger than the monkey's huh? Maybe you need to go a few guages bigger with the crochet hook, that would solve some of the problem since it looks like you crochet very tightly. It does look pretty cute on the monkey though!

Sarah B. B. said...

I am by no means a crochet expert - I know about 3 stitches - but my guess would be that your gauge was a lot tighter than the pattern-maker anticipated. Either that or the free pattern was bogus. ;) It's SUPER cute, though - even if it only fits the monkey. :)