Whatcha making?

I had my afghan project with me all last weekend 
and kept getting asked "Whatcha making?"
When I was with my husband at the emergency room
the physicians' assistant thought I was making yamulkes. 
They were the right shape, but beyond that  I don't think
there was anything similar about them. Weird!

To get out of the house for a bit last night
I went to the local chain craft store
"just to relax and look around."
I have done pretty good for the last year
not buying any new fabric
(vintage fabric doesn't count)
and I couldn't resist the bottom two.

For $6, I got the heavyweight paisley and flowers
and the pretty in pink eyelet fabrics.
The green scrollwork on top is from my stash.
Together they will all become totebags.
I needed an excuse to get my sewing machine out.

Another project that got me digging through
my fabric stash is making more pincushions.
I had the assorted ceramics sitting on a shelf
and dug through piles of material until
I found what would work with each one.

Whatcha making?

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DivineChoice said...

That's a familiar question :) Got that one when I was knitting some squares. What are yamulkes? Er.. don't think I spelt that right.