Good luck and protection from Etsy

One problem with being a seller on Etsy
is that I often become a buyer too.
Money in PayPal isnt real money
until I send it to my bank account
so I find I spend it more freely.
I often justify it by buying gifts
and giving them for no reason at all.

This horseshoe and thistle charm is one such item.
When I saw it, I knew I had to get it for Juliet.
She is an equine photographer (horseshoe)
and was my travel partner in Scotland (thistle).

It was delayed coming from the UK
thanks to the Icelandic volcanic ash.
The seller had to spend a couple extra days
in Nice, France. Tough luck there.

Didn't matter, as I only saw Juliet this week.
I hope this little charm brings her good luck
and protection, especially when we travel
to Belfast and Glasgow this August.

1 comment:

juliet said...

:)). It certainly make me smile. A great gift. Thank you again. XO