Illustrated rhymes for the nursery

Years ago, I used to buy shabby old frames,
cut my own mats and frame vintage
postcards, advertisements and illustrations,
like the "Little Miss Muffet" print above.

While cleaning out my studio recently,
I discovered two sets of nursery rhyme prints.

This first series of prints were by Eloise Wilkin,
who illustrated many "Little Golden Book" titles.

Just look at all these adorable faces,
taken from a well-loved over-sized book.

Too bad many of the pages were colored on,
but I rescued as many as possible.

The second set, I believe, were 6 mail-order lithographs
marked ©1957 Penn Prints, New York.

I wish I could find information on the artists
but haven't come up with anything.

All of these and more are going into my Etsy shop this week.
Do you have a nursery to decorate?

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Jaz said...

what a gorgeous idea! i'm off to check out your Etsy shop...