Breathing a little easier now

Phew! My biggest task of the spring in officially done.
 Ever since my oldest was in 2nd grade I've worked on
our elementary school yearbook. That's 9 editions!
The first year I helped by processing photos but since then
did most of the photography and layout myself.

Help has gradually signed on so the typing, photo taking,
coordinating and selling has gone to other parents.

This year, with so many people offering to help
I worked on mostly my favorites -- the design and layout
(though I do miss visiting all the classrooms).

With the move from a local printer to Jostens online
the work was done twice as fast as in years past.

I,m so excited to see the final result once it is shipped
and hope everyone else likes it.

(The photo above is the weathervane atop the school.
The photography I still do for the yearbook
is for the front cover -- usually of the building.)

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