Adding retro to home decor

Most things I buy while thrifting are automatically destined
for Etsy but sometimes they are bought to stay here at or house.
Sometimes I want to sell but family members have other ideas.

These folding Cosco Gatefold chairs match my kitchen perfectly.
They are metal with vinyl cushions and probably from the 1970s,
based on the color scheme and paperwork still included.

They fold flat for storage and at one time had a matching table.
I also have a white Cosco fold-up step-stool/highchair already.

I bought this vintage 1980's (are we really saying things
from when I was in high school are vintage?)
rotary Bell telephone from my favorite church thrift store.

When they saw it, my boys fought over who would get it.
They got a big kick out of the loud ring too.
It will be staying here indefinitely, I think.
The retiree who sold it to me says she still uses one like it.

I am not sure yet how I will refinish it or where it will go,
but this sweet folding table was too good to pass up.
One set of legs spins closed toward the other ones
and the table sides fold down making it compact.

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