Pink and turquoise

Going with the bright colors this weekend.
Bright pink and cool turquoise.

This vintage pink, black and white paisley
is one of my favorites in my abundant fabric stash.
I just knew I wanted to play up the B&W,
so selected rikrak and buttons in those colors.

Their bases are identical aluminum gelatin molds.
They look like sweet little cupcakes to me.
I will get them up into my Etsy store soon and
will share the other pincushionsI'm still working on.

My collection of turquoise glass has outgrown
it's original home -- our master bathroom.
I brought the canning jars and insulators
down into my studio and put them to use.
The jars at least -- to hold buttons.

My pretty collection, now catches the light
from the southern-facing window in our front room.
Years ago, I limited myself to buying
only the aqua-green versions of both items.
I'll have some clear insulators in my shop soon.

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kathie said...

Yummy enough to eat! :)