Scarf of alpaca and vintage elements

When I started this project last night,
I didn't know what I'd end up with.
All I knew was that I was tired of hexagons
after making them during a 5-hour car ride.

I pulled out a ball of thrifted alpaca yarn,
a crochet hook and a book of patterns.
I didn't like the first few I tried but
the third was the charm so I kept
hooking a scarf until I was out of yarn.

Being a bit on the short side I knew
it needed something else and started
digging through my stash of vintage
buttons and thread crochet doilies

I absolutely love how it turned out
and will be doing more stash-busting projects
like it in the near future.

(P.S. My pattern books has directions
for making ring crochet like in this
vintage piece. Can't wait to try that too.)

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