Coming out of the closet

Organization and storage are issues for me.
It's partly because there are six of us
crammed into a relatively small house,
but my main problem is coming up with a plan
and actually sticking to it for any length of time --
just look at my studio a week after I tidy.

The problem now encompasses my Etsy closet.
This is the "after" shot and it is still pretty jumbled.
I just had to do something when I was no longer
able to find items that had been sold.

My inorganization is now costing me money.
Maybe I need a bigger closet (or better shelving),
but I am hoping that this little bit of rearranging
will be a big help in the meantime.

Does anyone have any good organizing tips?
What do you think of adding wire shelving
like we have in our clothes closets?
I could then use labeled bins or baskets
to keep things further sorted and neat.
A mini showroom inside a closet.

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