The traveling thrifter

How nice it is to travel to a larger metropolitan area
with many thrift stores that are huge AND open Sundays.
I've about exhausted thepossibilities at smaller local ones
with nearly weekly trips. Want to see what I found?

How hard is it to find kitchenware that matches?
There is enough here for me to keep some and sell some.

The Glasbake milk glass with green daisies matches my kitchen.
Loads of mixing/casserole bowls, a pie pan,
covered dish and two divided vegetable dishes.

I have a thing for diner mugs but usually only find singles.
Two more sets that match my kitchen, lol.
The lighter-weight ones on the left aren't marked.
The heavy ones have a buffalo logo and "China USA."

My mom is going to have to teach me how to make
her homemade baked beans when she gets back from Florida.
This bean pot says"Mar-Crest Oven-Proof Stoneware, U.S.A."
It is the daisy and dot pattern and in mint condition.

Aluminum cupcake/muffin pans are good sellers
Along with aluminum ice cube trays,
They make for great kitschy storage.
The silverplate cream and sugar set will
probably become more shabby pincushions.

Two more vintage knitting booklets for my sister -- 
fancy sock, mitten and glove patterns from the 1950s,
plus 4 skeins of Aunt Lydia's gray rug yarn,
3 super soft pastels and light brown alpaca!

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G.L.H. said...

nice haul! I love the diner cups--green is my color, as well...