Noticing the details

As an artist do you find you notice things other people don't?

One spring/summer during college, I worked two job
that required a half-hour drive between the two.

I mentioned to my boss how beautiful the mountains were
with the trees all different shades of pale green.
And as time passed, the colors got darker and deeper.

He had never noticed it before,
even though he drove the same route every day.

Most of the people who have been in our downtown park
recently have noticed the blooming cherry blossoms,
but do you think they looked closely at the maple tree
"helicopters?" Some were tinged pink too.

I'm glad the weather is going to clear up so I can bring
my camera back to capture the details I see.

1 comment:

TBones said...

so beautiful! it's getting to be the season for AMAZING photos :)