Drum majors lead the way

This was my husband's weekend with the boys.
He doesn't go out carousing or playing something like golf.

He participated in a drum major seminar with the world's best,
Billy Jordan and others from Scotland.

Compare it to getting basketball tips from Michael Jordan.
(Oh, it really isn't just for the boys. Women attend too.)
Drum majors are a tight-knit community of very nice people.
Fun to meet up with them on their home turf too.

A tradition on Saturday night is to go on a pub crawl.
We had the kids with us so were only planning on dinner
at the first stop -- Anna Liffey's in New Haven, CT.

As we went to leave, the participants who had brought
their bagpipes or drums started warming up.
Instead of heading to the car, we decided to follow
them to their next destination a few short blocks away.

What a scene going down the streets near Yale University.
A young couple even joined in asking what was going on,
and if there were other musical themes on other nights.

Christy's was the second destination.
I don't know if the patrons or employees
knew what was going on as we all paraded in.

What seemed to be a quiet neighborhood pub,
suddenly became very crowded -- and loud.

I can't wait until next year.
Could be funny to see how the evening progresses
with more beer in everyone.

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