What kind of flowers are these?

My unidentified spring flowers have bloomed.
I bought them at a gardening club sale
right after we bought our house, over 10 years ago.  

Like clockwork, they are the first things to appear.
Tucked away corner of our front yard, they are hidden
from the street but visible from my front door.
What a nice surprise to see them suddenly!

They are little blooms, maybe 3" tall.
Does anyone know what they are?


Mailbxsfull said...

do you remember if they were a bulb to begin with? maybe some kind of white mini iris as they are blooming so early?

Julie said...

I just figured out what my flowers are, with help from a wildflower guidebook I have for sale on Etsy. Maybe I should keep it. They are bloodroot, "a first sign of spring in the Northeast."