Playing dress up

Ever since Dawn altered her three little girl bears
(was it really over a year ago?), I've been collecting
bears and bunnies, mostly Boyd's, to do the same thing.

Up until yesterday, all I got to was stripping them down, crocheting scarves and adding vintage jewelry. Sold out of all of them at 3 local craft shows, so I knew I was on to something.


Today, I pulled out the little turquoise suitcase that held the stuffies, baby clothes and shoes and started to play dress up.


Eventually, I had trims and ribbons out of other suitcases and my big bags of buttons ready as embellishments.


These are the two I finished in the few hours I had to get crafty yesterday afternoon. I think they turned out cute and can't wait to get back to their friends.


The pale pink bunny is wearing a bit of sparkly pink fan crochet as a shawl closed with a pair of buttons. Her hairband is two-colored ricrac tied in a bow and secured with a pearly pink hat pin. (Hard to believe she was once a country-style bear.)

Granny bear is wearing a pair of glasses that once belonged to another animal. She has a crocheted shawl adorned with scalloped trim, a crocheted rosette and two mother-of-pearl buttons. A bow of the scalloped trim is on her head and seed bead and rhinestone button on her wrist.

Because of the small parts, these would have to be for decorative purposes not as children's toys. We'll see the reaction they get at my first holiday show next weekend.


The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Julie!! They turned out ADORABLE!! I just love your little touches ~ it gives them each their own personality...I hope you sell them all! xxoo, Dawn

Kimmy said...

awww look at them little ittle glasses, thats too cute!