Visual interest

My cousin so kindly shared with me these two prints. She found them when she went to clean out her father's Maine apartment after he passed away. She knew I would love and appreciate them. And I really do.

This is a print by Frances Tipton Hunter called "Baby Sitter" in a gold metal frame. On the back is the last page of a small calendar dated December 1953. It is also imprinted that it is from "Wilson's Dairy, South Glens Falls, NY" where my uncle -- and his brother, my father -- grew up.

This Art Deco image goes back even further. From the Art Publishing Co. of Chicago, it was given by my grandparents to "Mother" in April, 1931. Not only do these pieces reflect illustration from certain decades, they also represent our family's history.

While these two books might be rather nondescript from the outside, they hold treasures inside.


The end pages represent the other stories from the 10-book series called "The Peter Rabbit Series" from MA Donahue & Company.


There is no date, but based on the text graphics, like the one above, and information garnered from the Internet, I'd say they were from around 1920.


Each book has 24 full-color plates by an unknown illustrator...


...plus countless black-and-white drawings.


This is my favorite image out of either book. The only one that I might like better would come from another book in the series -- "The Little Small Red Hen." I'm keeping my eyes open for it.


Danielle said...

You write the best blogs! BTW, I need a craft room aka dining room for my stuff!

Jean-Marie said...

I never buy anything from thrift stores but while doing a drop off I decided to take a look at the books for my kids and perhaps to donate a few to the classroom. I found the "Peter Rabbit" book from "The Peter Rabbit Series." It was so beautiful I had to buy it. I was just searching online to see if I could find out more about it because like the books you have from the set it doesn't have a date. It was a real find!