Frost and reflection

Ever start taking pictures and realize you are capturing some really wonderful images? Is there one particular place that always does it for you?

I should have known to bring my camera with me this morning, given the frost and the fog spotted driving the boys to school.

I drove leisurely past Crandall Park then hightailed it home for my camera. I've captured the pond in different seasons for years now. Today's outing has inspired me to think about a 2011 calendar. What do you think?















I love that many of these are very ambiguous as to what you are looking at. I'll share some more of the landscape shots I took this morning in the near future. It is so amazing how different yet the same it looks. Something new to see each time.


Jewels said...

Beautiful! The shot of the lone oak leaf is my favorite by far! I think a calendar would be a fantastic idea!

Kerry of Kid Giddy said...

love the little leaf that looks like a heart! so sweet! k