Improvised hat rack and more critters

For the life of me I couldn't figure out an inexpensive and quick way to display my crocheted hats at my upcoming craft shows. So I did what comes way too easy for me now -- I tweeted for suggestions on Twitter. a.Minor aka Bright Moments gave me a few great ideas.

Once she said pumpkins, I knew it would work -- and that I could expand upon the idea. I headed to the grocery store with some hats in hand to "try them on" (while secretly hoping no one was watching me). I came out with four pie pumpkins for $5. When I got home I pulled out a rack I have used to display pumpkins in the past. Now my hats aren't only filled out but they will also be up off the table and more visible.


Most of my little friends (4 bears and 3 bunnies) are dressed now, well before my Friday deadline. This was such a fun project, I hope they sell well so I can buy some more furry friends to accessorize.

The only one who isn't complete is the bunny in the ironstone sugar bowl. She might be Winter Rabbit since the bowl is as white as snow. The little pink bunny is now nestled in a teacup with pink roses. The big bear on the right is wearing a real infant dressing gown, bib and crocheted shoes plus has a pink flowered ribbon on her head.


The large white bunny, bedecked in daisies, is ushering in spring. She sits on a green Melmac plate, a green sash and plastic clip-on earring all with the yellow and white flowers. Granny Bear in the front has one addition, an iridescent abalone stone hat pin that matches the button at her neck. The bear at the back right would make a nice gift for the proud parents of a baby boy, done in turquoise instead of the traditional baby blue. He sits in a diner mug that is on a white plate with carnations and wears a ribbon around his neck, closed with two stacked buttons.

The largest animal is actually an older jointed chocolate bear, made much more feminine dressed in white. She has on a beautiful baby gown, leather shoes and a lacy doily tied as a bow atop her head. Around her neck hangs a carved silver medallion decorated with a mother-of-pearl buttons and a sheer ribbon. Turn the piece around for a big surprise --- dried rose petals nestled behind the glass watch crystal.

If the sun comes out tomorrow, I'll take photos of the details, like the card each critter has tied to his or her right arm. They were created with manila tags and rub-on transfers, that didn't remove from their protective plastic coating. Sometimes a mistake works -- they look like laminated tags.


LauraHix said...

Julie, I LOVE that pink and green hat, and you are just so stinking creative!! I love looking at your things when you send them out!
I am seriously looking at that one cap for Nattie for her birthday. Can you tell me about what size head it will fit into? Is it a toddler or does it go to a bigger girl?

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Julie, you did such a beautiful job with these babies!!!! I love each and every detail ~ I hope they sell like hotcakes! xxoo, Dawn