Granny's square brooches

 Using up bits of yarn, felt, buttons and jewelry, I've been making granny square brooches. They can be worn on clothing, or added to my bags, scarves or hats.

I first crocheted squares (and triangles) then set about finding compliments from my stash of supplies. The one on the left has a broken silver pin and lilac button sewn to it. The triangle has a family crest-like large button plus three small crystalline buttons. The one on the bottom has black buttons I decorated with rub-on snowflake transfers and smaller pearlized buttons.

Each one is backed with a piece of coordinating felt and a pinback. Light green and lilac is one of my favorite color combos lately.

Each of these has a large creamy white button embellished with bird and berries rub-on transfers, throw aways from someone else's crafting closet, and a trio of petite buttons. I saw that someone had used similar materials on smooth stones and thought I'd try them on buttons.

They would be cute worn on one of my vintage winter coats. Now to decide which one to keep for myself.


Linda said...

Beautiful brooches :)

Miss Val's Creations said...

These are so cute. I love the bird transfers!