Getting back in the studio

After buying the top two turquoise metal suitcases a few weeks ago, I was inspired to clean up my studio. I'm embarrassed to say I never finished. The scenes here are creatively framed so as to not show the clutter in other areas of the room. I'll get back to it eventually.

This little vignette shows family favorites -- my dad's books and gingham bear plus a decoupaged mason jar of his mother's.

The big book was his too. The bear is part of an unfinished project. I want to dress up old-styled bears in my collection of vintage children's clothing. They are all now stored in a suitcase, all ready to be pulled out together whenever inspiration hits.

Isn't this a beautiful dressing gown? It is one of the many items friends have asked me to list on Etsy for them. Included are a real post-Civil War era carpet bag, Victorian lace collars, mid-century fabrics and sewing patterns.
And here are all of the things I pulled from my stash to soon sell. Loads of books, games, fabrics, household items, and my favorites wooden shoe forms. I have my work cut out for me!

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