Musical designs

All of the recording work is done so I'm rushing to get the design work done for the Scotia-Glenville Pipe Band CD.

This is a folded card that goes in the front of the jewel case. The front cover, with photo taken by Juliet, is to the right. The bass drum, with the list of tracks, is actually the back of the folded card. You see it when you open up the case.

This is the inside of that folded card. Band members and instructors are listed on the left. The white box holds a not from the director about the band and it's accomplishments.

This piece is underneath the piece that holds the CD. Since it is clear, we used it for another photo and recording information.

This is the back cover of the jewel case with another list of the tunes.
This is what I have for the actual CD imprint. I ran out of time -- and steam -- this afternoon. Should be done first thing tomorrow morning.

Band members are selling these to help defray the cost of their trip to the World Bagpipe Band Championships in Glasgow, Scotland this August. If you are interested in your own copy of the CD, please mail me at redhenstudios@aol.com or just leave a comment.

Here are the two other CD designs I've done in the past, one still in the works and the other one completed last spring.

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