There's something about Mary

Meet Mary, my new dress form, modeling the latest Red Hen Studios scarf and getting hugs from my youngest boy.

My sister called last night and asked if I wanted the mannequin her neighbor was putting out for this morning's neighborhood garage sale. Immediately I said yes, without knowing the price ($25, BTW). I don't know who will have more fun with her, me or my kids who have already started to dress her up.

She is very petite right now, but I understand she will expand to my size. Even if I don't use her as my fit model, she can model things I'm selling in my Etsy shop. I also brought home a stack of books and Vogue patterns from the 40s and 50s from her original owner, also named Mary. I'm going to list them in the shop soon with the proceeds going to my sister's neighbor. She didn't know the treasure trove she had, that's for sure.

The scarf is made from the alpaca yarn I bought 6 months ago, fresh from the farm. I love how it turned out, so soft especially, and granny squares are so easy to do. Too bad it is too warm to wear it this time of year. For now, I'll let Mary model it.

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