Favorite recent finds

Now that the weather is warmer, I've headed out with my youngest on a few Friday mornings to garage sales. I like to spend hours out driving around, with the GPS to lead me, and spend a minimal amount of money but come home with lots of goodies, many of which will eventually be listed on Etsy, but also some things for me. Here are a few of my favorite finds

Found these shoe forms at an estate sale. The patina of the wood is amazing but what I liked best about the house where I found them was a shuffleboard court in the linoleum basement floor with all the game equipment nearby. I just hope the new owners don't rip it up. What a conversation piece!

I'm not saving too many crochet and knitting books for myself any more but I will keep this one. My boys have already requested turtles.

Can't pass up cute little critters and folks, especially when they cost a dime. The pilgrims and turkey are plastic from Hallmark and the lamb and duckling combo is ceramic. Picturing some more cute terrariums like these for Thanksgiving and Easter.

I've been limiting myself when it comes to adding to my fabric stash. The top two ABC fabrics aren't that old. I can see the one on the left as a diaper bag lining and little Valentine pillows or sachets with the one on the right. The lower fabric is a gorgeous curtain.

These are heavier fabrics. The embroidered one on the left is a skirt, the other two are wool. And that trim at the top is to die for.

I'm also limiting my books purchases, even though they seem to be very good sellers on Etsy. These are going on my bookshelf, for a while at least, however.

"Etiquette" by Emily Post, 1927.

Beautifully illustrated by Ethel Franklin Betts, "A Little Princess" by Frances Hodgson Burnett, 1925.

"Cowboys, Cowboys, Cowboys" selected by Phyllis R. Fenner and illustrated by Manning DeV. Lee, 1950.

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