Vacation and Belgian post cards

It's winter break here and not only do I have my 4 boys home, I've managed to have a kid (or 3) extra. Wouldn't change it for the world!!! Not much time to devote to my blogs or artwork though. I feel like I'm following behind everyone cleaning up, lol.

I photographed these vintage postcards a few weeks ago and planned on posting them before Valentine's. Better late than never.

I bought the five of them about 15 years ago when we lived in Birmingham, Alabama. I used to focus on postcards from back here in upstate NY and florals but these ones called to me. At $1.75, they were expensive to me back then.

Can anyone translate from French to English?

I understand the backs basically say they are from a "trusted jeweller's store established in 1874" called C.Parion Schampaert. I can't find anything online about the store or where the bas relief images are from. A neighboring museum or the store front, perhaps?

I remember enough high school French to know what the title of each carving says, lol.






Now that I've unearthed found them again, I need to figure out how to use them. Maybe framing copies in a vintage frame with a lacy mat? Or decoupage? Collage with French sheet music or poems? Map of Brussels, Belgium maybe.


Julie said...

Replying to myself again, lol. I was just wandering around other crafty blogs and Dawn at http://the-feathered-nest.blogspot.com/ inspired me again. When I saw her decorated wooden tray I knew I wanted to decoupage hte post cards onto a similar black wooden tray I have.

The Feathered Nest said...

You are such a cutie, Julie!!! I just read your comment to yourself!! I love it, it that kind of like a post it note?? I would make color copies of these postcards and decoupage the color copies, that way you still have your originals!

I packaged up your little box of goodies today, not a whole lot but just a few little treasures. I hope to get it in the mail to you tomorrow or the next day. There's some fabric that if you don't need, Julie, just donate but I loved the colors for you but it's flannel?....did you know that you can go to Alta Vista Babelfish translators (google it) and translate french to english? Give it a try.

Boy I remember those days Julie when the boys were home for a week out of school....whew! (Remember I had stair steps 10, 8, 6) In three days they were saying, "I'm bored." I'd always have to come up with something neat for them to do. Now that I'm older they are 25, 23, and 21 they tell me, "Oh yeah mom, we'd just go up to the corner of the backyard and dig us a hole and start a fire!" YIKES!! Was I a bad mom?? I would yell out the door, "hey, are you boys doing ok?" "yes, mom!" Little did I know they were little pyromaniacs!!! Watch out!! xxoo, Dawn

Natalie said...

I've never seen anything like these... they are so detailed and engaging. What a find.

Rebecca said...

Julie, I have a few kids to bring over if you ever run out of extras!

julia said...

Hi! i just followed you here from Jo's Bits and Pieces, and am enjoying you! Of course you have an awesome name (i'm a Julia who usually goes by Julie) and also have the craft gene. Love that about your boys!! i'm not sure what it is about boys, but i had 1 boy after girls, and WOW what a difference--i used to find out after the fact too that my little pyro was using a magnifying glass to burn things... i'd find dried leaves out back with burnt holes... ;-)

Nice to "meet" you!