It really is a global village

And the Internet makes gets us even closer to our worldwide neighbors.

Since I started keeping track in September, I've had over 4,500 visitors from 57 countries. How cool is that?

Sue Myles from Falkirk, Scotland said in an email to me that we live in a global village. I completely agree. She heard about my blog from her son who lives in France. I had written about seeing her artwork while we were in Scotland. I'm sorry we missed each other while I was there, but it was nice "to meet" her now.

I recently got an email from Carla in Holland. She was looking for Spiderman images for grandson and found me, lol. I went to her website and saw beautiful photos of her garden. Amazingly, she trades and receives seeds from all over the world -- over the Internet.

My niece, Robyn, is new to blogging and she's doing it from her new home in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Africa! And I thought we were adventurous flying to the UK with small children.

A.D. from Georgia and I actually know the same people. She has a bagpiping son and met my son's bandmates at a competition last year. Maybe we'll be able meet up this year.

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The Feathered Nest said...

I can't believe it either Julie, the scope of our blogs is really amazing!! I had to tell you I've started a pile for you....a little snippet is on my blog ~ xxoo, Dawn

city pretties said...

Hi Julie - I think you should offer cold, hard cash for a giveaway!

Okay, just kidding. Not really. Never mind.

Anyway, I just wanted to stop and tell you that the visitor you get from Kansas City, MO sometimes is ME!

I love the name of your blog and I get a bang out of your posts.

Thanks for being another cool blog on the net!