Chains of love

I was sick last weekend. Spent most of it in bed, sleeping or cutting out hearts. My new Christmas pinking shears got a good workout.

Once all the hearts were cut out, I realized they weren't weighty enough to hang as garlands like I wanted, so I cut out 50% more to put between the layers.

I centered the inside fabric, used fabric glue to tack down the edges then ran each one through the sewing machine for a quick straight stitch.

I used up scraps of gingham, pillowcases and other color-coordinated cottons. I made a total of 4 garlands.

An extra long one with white binding tape trim.

Pink, yellow and white one with pink scalloped trim.

Mostly reds with red trim.

And finally, mostly purples with purple trim.

The toughest part was getting them onto the binding tape. I used fabric glue first, then added a straight stitch on the machine again. It was tough because I had a little helper who insisted on pulling on the strands as I was gluing and sewing.

The photography session wasn't much better. I didn't have anywhere to swag them nicely and the weather/light was horrible.

I'm thinking of listing them for sale on Collage. Might take better pics first.


Rebecca said...

Wow, you're even productive when you're sick!

julia said...

These are so great!! Love them--you have quite an eye for putting colors together. i would certainly buy them-- ;-)