Happy New Year!

My boys have said this is a very early spring cleaning
that we are doing during their holiday break.
Why not call it that, the temperature is up near 40°
and it feels like a sunny spring day outside.

With their help, we sorted all of their toys
and moved them to the basement
then cleaned the living room from top to bottom.
They were rewarded with pizza afterward.

I have finished sorting through the massive yarn stash
and crochet books I keep stored up in my bedroom.
Much of the excess is going to my sister for
her home ec classroom and a project she is doing.

Up next, my Etsy shop's storage closet.
My oldest son reinforced the shelving unit as
it had been buckling under the weight of everything.
Now I can cull out non-sellers and organize the rest.

After that, the dining room I use as my crafting space
will be totally cleaned and reorganized too.
Right now, there is no room to actually craft.
Plus, there are supplies in there that I will never use.
Much of it will be sold on Etsy or donated.

You may be wondering why I am telling
you all of this here on my blog.
Once I spell it out, I can't back out of doing it.
That's why, lol.

See you in a few days once it is all done!
And HAPPY NEW YEAR in the meantime.

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