12 Days of Christmas Decorating: Day Four

This is my effort at recycling -- rag balls with spare buttons
for hanging on our Christmas tree.

You can easily do it too, with strips cut from
an old flannel shirt, a favorite t-shirt or
any old article of clothing with sentimental value.
I cut the strips from an old skit, 
for a shabbier look, you can tear the strips.

I wrapped the strips around small styofoam balls
but you can use wadded up newspaper, rags
or anything else as the core.
The buttons are just glued on, even the ones
with the strings, since these are so light.

What similar alternatives can you come up with?
I'm thinking balls of yarn would make a great gift
for the knitter or crocheter on your list.

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HancoxHomestead said...

So I click on your page and hear Alvin & the Chipmunks~LOL! I love rag balls, you did a great job!