Forget the Snuggie, I like my handmade blanket better

What was once three sweater vests and one sweater
has been transformed into a lap blanket.

First came the crocheting of hexagons,
lots and lots of hexagons,
in Pepto-Bismol pink, pale lavender
and two pretty shades of blue.

Trimmed out in charcoal gray
they were ready to come together.
And I took them with me
everywhere all summer long.

 Delayed by the busy holiday season,
it was neglected for months.
I picked it back up Christmas weekend
and finally finished it.

Alice thinks it is hers, but it is mine
as it fits my lap perfectly.
Maybe I will share it with her though.

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Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

You finished it! And it's beautiful! So cool that it's recycled yarn -- *someday* I'm going to try that myself!!