12 Days of Christmas Decorating: Day Ten

All done with the scented decorations.
Let's move on to ones that taste good.

Who is peaking from behind the branches of our Norfolk pine?
Why they are stick ponies and Rudolph made from candy canes.

I can't take credit for these adorable stick ponies.
They were made by my friend a few years ago for my boys.
Two pieces of felt cut out in horse-head shapes
with fringe sandwiched between for a mane,
googly eyes and tiny ric-rac for  the reins.
These are sewn but could be glued instead.

These sweet but simple reindeer are soooo easy.
Tiny pompom red noses and googly eyes glued on
plus pipe cleaners wrapped and bent for antlers.
You can add other elements to make Santa or snowmen.
Just use your imagination!