12 Days of Christmas Decorating: Day Six

This was the messiest craft by far,
mostly because I let two preschoolers
do a lot of it themselves -- and it involved
a liberal amount of glitter.

I pulled things out of my craft drawers
that I thought we could put to use,
including old-fashioned clothespins,
wooden spools, acorn tops, tiny pinecones,
 feathers and glue, and let the boys go to work.

This is what they came up with.
Pinecone trees on top of wooden spools,
Santa Claus clothespins with acorn hats,
polyfiber stuffing beards and red-fabric clothes.
All-natural angels with feather wings and acorn caps.

Once each piece dried to the touch,
everything got a coating of spray adhesive (by me)
and a sprinkling of snowy white glitter (by them).
I'm giving them a day to dry completely 
before adding string to hang them.

Can you come up with more creative ideas
to share with me here?
(If you want any snowy white glitter
I still have a lot left and I'm willing to share.)

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