12 Days of Christmas Decorating: Day Three

Another easy crafts for you and your kids to do together.
Crafts stores sell clear glass balls with removable caps
(or even better plastic ones that split in half).

Fill them up with anything small and related to your theme.
Small seashells or pebbles, candy, money, gifts, toys,
or as in our case, colorful peacock feathers.

 We gathered these feathers from the peacocks
at a friends' farm a few years ago.
The larger eye feathers were cut down
and went into the set of four 3.5" clear globes.

Smaller feathers, both iridescent and plain,
went into six 2.5" balls then all of them
got olive green trim from my fabric stash.

(Caution, depending on how they are made
the openings can have sharp edges
and the caps can pinch little fingers.
Monitor your kids very closely or
get the plastic ornaments that snap together.)

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