Morning glories revisted

I caught one last bloom posing, looking prettier than last time.

I took these photos last Thursday.
The whole plant has since withered away.

It has been replace by two large pumpkins. Fall has finally arrived.


Miriah said...

These are beautiful! The only flowers left in my "garden" are tenacious geraniums. I can't wait for pumpkins on the porch! As you were the first response, I will work on a vintage post first! Thank you for the lovely comment.

Net said...

You've grown pumpkins?! Well done, I wish I had the room for them, just some cherry tomatoes for me, hopefully a few cabbages this winter. Your photographs are beautiful.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

They look like a perfectly folded napkin or handkerchief. Beautiful!

Julie said...

Oh no, Net, I have not grown pumpkins. Just bought some and put them out front, lol.

Rebecca said...