Now to find somewhere to stash it all

I need to go out thrifting like I need a hole in the head. Sometimes it is my only relaxing time of the week and I can't pass up good deals.

These fabrics were so pretty, multiples of the same prints in different colorways. Is the rather dated shiny stuff called chintz?

I got them all home and while leafing through them I read they are all Waverly. No wonder I like the prints! I'll have to go look up some of the name online to see what vintage they are.

I apparently had a color scheme in mind the last few weeks. I found these items on 3 different outings. Perfect for my kitchen -- after the house is off the market. I wouldn't want to clutter it any. (I also have a red clock just like this one that is even more 1950s Art Deco in styling. That is going on Etsy or eBay.)

Misc goods -- pretty linen towel, two tie racks to use for craft shows, a spool of lace and 4 spools of thread.

This is but a part of the dominoes I've found recently. I found 3 more boxes on Saturday after I took this picture. I put my teenager to work putting holes in them to make pendants.

Isn't this little cherub receptacle cute? It's marked "Bone China, Made in England." Destined to be a pin cushion.

I hit the vintage craft book mother lode. These all have crochet patterns I can use. If not, I'll pass them on.

This is one I definitely want to try. It says they are patterns for placemats, coasters and tablecloth but I think I'd love a bed coverlet in this pattern.

More booklets with clip art scroll work, tatting patterns and needlework patterns.

I found these 3 together. A 1950s hardcover sewing book, a paperback kids' sewing book and a party planning book.


Christy said...

I talked myself out of going thrifting today because I don't need anythig. But, with all your wonderful finds, I might have to go tomorrow.

Can't wait to see what you do with all that Waverly fabric. :)

Contessa Kris said...

You're making me drool over your thrift store finds! I have a basement full of stuff that I need to sell before I am allowed to go again. lol I buy stuff to sell on Ebay but I've been too busy to do that. I'm loving your crochet books. I just learned to crochet last week and I'm teaching the girls. It's my latest project. Working on an afghan.

Anyway, I wanted to stop by and say hi & invite you over to my 2 week long birthday party blog giveaway. New posts/giveaways each day until my birthday Oct 6th!