A passel of posies..

...in a variety of forms.

First up, I've finally figured out how to crochet flowers.
I can't believe how many free directions are out there
on the Internet and I'm enjoying making them
each evening while watching tv.

This was one of the not-so-perfect ones.
(Notice how the petals aren't lying flat?)
I like it with a clip-on earing and attached
to the fluffy sweater I crocheted last spring.
(Notice how I figured out how to make a leaf too?)

I added one more to the thin tan scarf I made after
I finished the fluffy turquoise one.
Still need something for the center but
the rest of my jewelry and buttons are in storage.

Lastly, I made a pair for the scarf my sister made for me.
Hard to tell from here, but the pins in the center
are a bee and a sunflower. Perfect for fall, don't you think?
(Now if it would only cool off here.)

Now on to flowers of the real kind.
Like my scarf, this one has a bee.

I wish I got better shots of the Morning Glories in the sun.
The bright sun washed them out though.

Even the backs of these coreopsis flowers were glowing gold.

Both plants were growing wild along our local bike trail
right where the sun dapppled through the trees.

Now that the older boys are in school, I think my toddler and I will do a lot more exploring to look for pretty scenes like this.

Lastly, I've added yet more photos to my sunflower slideshow.
They are getting droopy now.

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