This and that, Part 2

I've used up the 4 skeins of variegated yarn I bought awhile ago.
I made 4 hats with flowers or corkscrews, 7 catnips balls and countless flowers.

I bought local catnip --on Etsy, go figure -- back in March. I finally put it to use. After countless tries, I finally came up with a ball I like. They are made of two halves stitched together and filled with leftover rabric and a bit of the catnip. My "tester cat" friends give them two paws up.

After making this many flowers, I have the instructions memorized. I bought pinbacks today but still need to go get my button stash to finish these off, as well as the others I've made.

Look what came in the mail!!!! Vintage lace that a friend asked if I want for my fairy dresses. I said yes, of course. It all came with a purty handmade kitty card.

I "met" Darling Petunia on message boards but didn't know she was so crafty until I caught up with her on Wardrobe Refashion more recently. She has this unhealthy obsession with making skirts that I secretly envy.

Thank you so much! I'll put the lace to good use.

And more gifts from my niece -- straight out of Africa. A small handpainted rhino bowl and bracelets for my boys. I admit to wearing the bracelets more than they have. The one on the left is made of elephant hairs. How cool is that?

I've gotten questions why my blog no longer has music. I usually have the computer volume turned down so I didn't do anything about it. Apparently Sonific called it quits back in April. Fear not, I'll be adding more music once I find a new source.

In the meantime, you can see what I've been listening to on YouTube. I just figured out how to save favorites in my YouTube account. Go check them out. I can't get enough of this one:

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