Favorite finds and another hat

Here's the knitting machine I bought at a garage sale on Friday.
I already gave it to my sister for her birthday, a month early, lol.
She's been on the look out for one.

We don't know how to work it and it didn't come with the manual,
but I have ordered a CD of materials from a woman in the UK.

One of my favorite dogs is the Westie.
(I'd love to have a Westie and a Scottie!)
This embroidered piece is the cutest.
It is cross-shaped to drape over all 4 sides of a small table.

I also found this vintage photograph.
It is inscribed on the back like it was sent as a Christmas card.
Dual purpose frugality at work!

And now I have enough ties to last me awhile.
Fifty-three of them in a box labeled "Dad's neckties."
Four bucks for all, less than 8¢ each.

The guy was rather color coordinated.
They paired up really nicely.

Here is my latest finished hat and scarf.
They were made from the yarn I bought from Yarntopia.

Turned out to delicate for my dh so I gave them to my niece.
Her winter coats are dark blue and brown, so they match.
(I was worried she wore all pink, lol.)

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