Better late than never

I gave my sewing machine some much needed attention.
I don't know why I procrastinate so.
These were projects languishing in my "to finish" pile
and in reality it took no time at all to actually finish them.

I pulled together about a dozen tie scarves.

These are my 4 favorites.

They'll be up on Etsy soon.

Now I can do something with my new collection of ties
which made it safely through a ride in the washer and dryer.

I started making knitting bags from tea towels back last December.

I got one finished and then put the rest
of the sorted fabrics back into storage.

This one was nearly done. It took about a half an hour to finish up.

Who else procrastinates and has piles of half-finished projects?
My problem is I lose interest when a new
craft/project/material comes along.

I'm now off to see what else I can finish up.
One things for sure, I get a big sense
of accomplishment getting things done.


janey said...

I'm just the same, I have several half done things both sewing and knitting.As you say when something is finished there is a great sense of achievement, especially it seems when that project has been languishing for a while!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that last scarf! Please let me know when it's going up on Etsy!!!

Also, check out this website! The backs of these skirts are all ties. Kinda different. It made me think of you and your ties.