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The house is clean and ready to show, it's going to pour all day and we have absolutely no plans. Perfect time to get caught up online and share with you what has been going on around here.

I took photos to prove that I can indeed get my house uncluttered and presentable. Even if we don't end up moving, this was a great opportunity to change how we live.

Here is my favorite part of the house,
the master suite we added 3 years ago.

We know we'll have a hard time finding a house
with something similar.

I think we doubled the house's closet space
by adding this walk-in closet, lol.

And our master bath may not be big but it is ours.
No boys allowed!!! (Why oh why haven't we ever removed
the red inspection sticker from the sink, lol.)

This is what you enter as you come in our front door --
our dining room, but more importantly my studio.

This is a far cry from what it looked like two weeks ago.
It was embarrassing having anyone come over.
All my supplies are now organized, crated up and out of the way.

Here is the view into the room I am in now.
I'm sitting in the chair in the distance using the computer.

This is the back half of the house, the living room.
It didn't stay clean very long before the boys took toys out.

Half of their stuff is in storage and you wouldn't even know it.
We are going to reduce and donate when we go to bring things back. They won't miss it at all.

Here is the view from the living room into the kitchen. We never got around to updating the kitchen cabinets or replacing the harvest gold stove but it functions for us.

What we do need is backpack, shoe and coat storage
as we always use the back door there at the left
and there is nowhere to put stuff.

With all of our traveling, and because my supplies
are mostly packed away, I finished up a very long, very soft scarf
from leftover mohair-blend yarn.

I wanted it super long so I could fold it over like this.
Dh laughed at me this morning when I was wearing it with a fan
blowing on me because it was so warm around my neck. LOL

My 10yo didn't spend the weekend away with us,
he was in Lake Placid watching his uncle
compete in the Ironman. (more about that here)

He's the ultimate junk collector like his mom.
While digging in the sand at the beach, he found
this heavy Coke bottle. I'm pretty sure it isn't very old,
but it will be nice for him to display on a shelf.

While digging in the dirt in front of my sister's house
he found this rusty WWII U.S. Marine Corps pocket knife.
Again, not worth much but fun for him to keep.

Lastly, I want to take this opportunity to give a shout out
to my niece's blog. She is doing field work in Tanzania, Africa
and after months of horrid living conditions within a city,
she is living further out and has been able to take safari.

She and her boyfriend are sharing beautiful photos and descriptions of their adventures on their blog.


Jo said...

We have flooring that is easy clean up (no carpet) for us because of the mess we have in the winter toting wood in for the wood stove. Sounds like you need what we have at our house. When the grandchildren come to visit and it is muddy out or after mowing and the grass sticks to the shoes..... We have a handy dandy screened in back porch/mud room. It is a great place to kick off those messy shoes and wet jackets etc.

I love the finds that you 10yo found.... If I had known him years ago I would have sent him my bottles that I had saved. I had an RC cola bottle still capped and the cola inside. Also one of the original Mt dew and 7-up bottles. They are long since passed on to someone else now, but I still see the old botles at flea markets. It is even more special to collect things that you find yourself and don't have to buy though. Be sure and tell him I said,"Nice finds!"

Natalie said...

Julie. Wow. You are really inspiring. I need to do what you have accomplished, and I DREAD it. Congratulations on living in loveliness!