Pictures of our weekend away

We drove in one giant circle this week -- for multiple bagpipe band events. Here are the photographic highlights.

First, on Thursday night, it was a trip to Vermont to see my son's camp instructors in concert. I realized it was much easier to have the little ones at outdoor events instead of trying to get them to sit still and quiet in an auditorium.

Here's the whole camp crew.

Little guy tells us he wants to play the big bass drum, but he settled for practicing on the tenor.

We drove home after the concert then drove back up again to get my camper the next day. We got to stop at Scotland by the Yard for some imported goodies. Oldest picked out a Sherlock Holmes hat, I got a hair clip and ribbon and the little boys only wanted shortbread cookies.

The view I next to the store I captured reminds me of the photos I took on our bus tour of the Trossachs in Scotland.

We drove Friday night to Northhampton, MA so we could be ready for an early AM start at Glasgowlands Scottish Festival. Look Park is such a beautiful setting.

Oldest didn't do so well in his solo competition.

Neither did his band.

That's him on the far left.

Dh, however, got some really great comments for his first time ever playing the bass drum in competition! He has played tenor, bass and bagpipes and competes as a drum major. Now all he needs to do is play the snares and he's the bagpipe band Renaissance man, lol.

Onto Harriman State Park in southern New York State for the Rockland County Feis on Sunday. My soloist and the band did a lot better, placing 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Head over here to see how the little guys spent their time in the weekend's 90°-plus heat.

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