We're about as ready as we'll ever be with the house
and it is now officially on the market.

Took a break with the kids last night to get ice cream --
even before we had dinner, which was a huge deal to them.
I treated friends to cone to repay their parents for watching
my kids (and dog) for us while we got things done this past week.

This sunflower was growing in front of their house.
They say God (or squirrels) planted it because they didn't.
It just started growing there among their other flowers.

It is huge compared to ours which don't even have flower
buds on them yet. You can see more of what is growing
s-l-0-w-l-y in our garden here.

And aren't these lovely, if not juxtaposed, growing right next to
the sunflower? We have bright yellow and dark orange day lilies
in front of our house, but I love these white ones even more.

Right after our real estate agent took pictures
of our pristine house (it will never look this way again),
the boys dumped every single Playmobile piece
out on the living room floor. I can tell keeping the house
in show-ready condition is going to be tough.

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Anonymous said...

I adore the fabric! Especially the sheet. I first saw pillowcase dresses here a few weeks ago and I am very much looking forward to trying one myself.

Love your blog!