Celtic Crossworks

Being a crafter and knowing how hard it is to make money
doing what you love, I always try to stop at the vendor booths
when we are at Scottish festivals.

This past weekend, I talked with a lovely couple from MA,
mainly about the Maine Highland Games and Scottish Festival.

My cousin emailed me last week that they are going to it and,
coincidentally, I saw a brochure for this event in the crafters'
booth. After hearing their description of a Celtic festival
overlooking a Maine beach, I really want to go.

I was initially drawn in by Celtic Crossworks' elaborate
Celtic Folk Wheels. I enjoyed their beauty but also
tried to figure out how they are made.

I bought a small ornament that I now have hanging
on my front door, and may just buy more
for Christmas presents.

I had a hard time deciding on which set of sweet faerie note cards
to get. I felt "Faerie Mother & Child" was appropriate.
See the wee one in the leaf at the bottom left?

I'm now inspired to get out all my Celtic-themed books
and incorporate the ideas in my artwork. Or maybe I'll just buy
one of their quilt kits or more notecards...

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woof nanny said...

You may not have been reading my blog when I posted this. Not crafty, but still fun