The setting sun

It is happenstance that I am able to take photos like I did yesterday. One of my boys had band rehearsal at a neighboring elementary school. I had four other kids to entertain while he was there but, luckily, it was nice enough out to go to the playground.

I forgot the camera in the car and was kicking myself once I saw the sky as the sun started to set. One of the kids had to go back inside to use the bathroom. That cut the playground visit short. When we came back outside, we went in the opposite direction back out to the parking lot.

And had fun creating shadow people on the brick wall.

And noticing other shadows.

And the look of the big fluffy clouds in the sky.

Then we started to notice the sun hitting the tops of the trees.

And creating shadows on the houses below.

When we got home, the sun was playing just as many tricks. The kids wondered why I parked the car quickly and ran next door to take pictures of the trees in our backyard.

Until I got back to our yard and pointed out that our trees were red.

More photos on Flickr.


Jo and JD said...

You are so very creative with your camera. I love the photos that you shared with us. Especially the shadows on the wall.... Very creative.

Julie said...

The shadows of us on the wall were a fluke. I had the kids line up along it, behind the railing while I walked across the parking lot to get the camera. When I walked back, I noticed my own shadow and then the kids got goofy.

Rebecca said...

You are so talented!!