The pipes are calling

My oldest son's band is having a concert and I get to do the design work for it. This was a lot of fun. Above is the flyer. Next up is the program.

All of the parents put in many, many volunteer hours for the band. We are happy to lend our skills to the effort. Me on the design and photography front. Dh on the media and promotion front.


Christy said...

The flyer looks great Julie! I wish I lived in your neck of the woods. I'd love to see them play. :)(Not much of a Scottish community where I live.)

Missy said...

Looks good Julie! I wish I could be there to hear the band!

A.D. said...

Scotia Pipe Band? My son and I met two members of the band in Nov. My son competed at the Jr piping competition in Pittsburgh, as did M. McC. and G. something (Can't remember G's last name!) G. won a medal that night. Nice boys, and their moms too. Tell them Hi from Atlanta. They will probably know who we are.

I recognize the photo on your flier from the front of "The Voice". Congrats on your upgrade!

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