Pretty in pink

All the pink in my studio is rubbing off on me. Remember my previous post about these bags where I stated I wore mostly black? I actually looked at pastel floral clothing on my recent visit to Salvation Army.

I keep typing "precious" when I mean "previous," lol.

These ballet totes were listed on Collage at noon today. The first two have been sold already but the last two are still available at $18.00 apiece.

If you mention you heard about the listing here on my blog, I'll add one of these vintage books to your purchase. Just tell me which on you want. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

UPDATE: Sorry, the two ballet books have been spoken for.


Rebecca said...

I keep saying this, but those bags are great!

Tara said...

Just wanted to comment that I had Backyard Circus when I was a kid. I hadn't forgotten all about it until I saw your picture. How cool!