More Christmas spirit

I had so many project ideas and not enough time to get them done in December. With the majority of my boys back in school, I was finally able to pull out my collection of vintage Christmas decorations, wooden spools, ribbons and buttons.

This is what I came up with. Not sure if I want to add hanging ribbons to them or leave them as tabletop decorations.

All of the old decorations weren't in the best of shape, but placing them on their spool pedestals gave them some stature. Putting them together made them look almost regal.

My favorite is the wooden penguin with the white surgical thread still on the spool.

My boys like the pucker on this Mrs. Claus.

I like all the different Santas.

This was another idea I had but I didn't glue them together. Maybe next year.

I swear I had the idea to use up my spools before I was given this Hallmark ornament, lol.


Dana said...

Great idea. They will be a happy addition next Christmas.

Natalie said...

Wow... these are really special. They look quite charming. I love that you did not give-up on completing your Christmas project...I have so many ideas leftover and I am afraid they'll just get shuffled aside until next November...