Saturday thrifting

I spent more than I normally do on a thrift outing this past weekend, but I deserved it! Dh had been out of town during the week and I couldn't wait to get out of the house on my own. Better spending $35 at the thrift store than hundreds at the mall. A lot more to show for it too.

First up -- ties. The older gentleman hanging the tie racks back up scared me to death. Once he safely got down from the step stool he was standing on he said "I haven't felt normal since I had triple by-pass surgery." He seemed to be doing really well to me. I don't like balancing atop step stools like that and I'm at least half his age.

I love that I found so many brightly colored, spring-like ties this trip. I'll be making more scarves or bags with them. Have to love the three on the left here. The first two are from Jerry Garcia and the next is from The Beatles.

On to the boxes of fabric kept underneath the shoe table. Drawn again to spring colors and flowers.

The flame stitch on the left is Waverly. I can't pass up Waverly even when I have no idea what I will do with it.

Loads of plaids to. I'm always looking for small prints that will go with florals. These will work.

I'm picturing a new summer tote out of the fabrics on the left. The print on the right was used in some project. It is cut into squares and strips already.

I already have a drawer full of doilies, but none of them are blue.

I came home with a stack of paperback books for my boys and these hardcover ones for me, printed in the early 60s.


Don and Sheryl said...

Very nice blog, love your photos, you have a great eye.

Rebecca said...

Can't wait to see what you create! Don't forget to show us!

Penny said...

you lucky girl you! Nice thrift shop haul!

Jo and JD said...

I recall every article of clothing that we out grew was either passed down to someone in need of them or was cut into quilt pieces which my mom or grandma woould magically turn into a quilt.

I love thrifting and visiting yard sales in the summer.