Be amazed!

We went to the first annual Oran Mor Indoor Solo Competition yesterday. My oldest played so well, he won first place. This video is from a concert held afterward. Steven McWhirter from Northern Ireland, who was the drumming judge, is the World Solo Drumming Champion.

This is amazing!

(You'll need to scroll down this page and turn The McKrells off if you want to hear the drum. trust me, it is well worth your trouble.)


allybea said...

Wow! That guy is so good. Congratulations to your son on winning! You must be a proud mama!

Natalie said...

OMG... at 1 minute and nine seconds my hands cramped in sympathy. When I tried to follow the sticks and match them to the beat, I became convinced he moves ahead of the beat. The whole thing is amazing. Congratulations to your first place son! Bravo!