The chance to go girly

With a house full of boys, I rarely have anything to do with pinks or purples. Or any pastels for that matter.

(OMG, they are downstairs now yelling about farting. @@ LOL)

It doesn't help that my wardrobe is 90% black.

Collage is having two weeks of festivities leading up to Valentine's Day (stocking Jan. 28th and Feb. 4th at noon), so I made 6 pretty in pink (and purple) totes for the occasion.

I'm offering these two bags early (available this Monday at noon). They are made from vintage pillowcasess and new cotton solids.

The purple one has newer but thrifted bead fringe.

The pink one has vintage eyelet and a removable rose-shaped scarf pin.

They can be used as ballet totes or for toting library books or for going to Grandma's. Women might want to use them as knitting bags or purses.


Rebecca said...

Beautiful bags, Julie!

And the farting jokes are not owned entirely by boys, they are a staple in our house of girls too!

Jo and JD said...

The farts are faves for the men too....lol

Love the totes.

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Love the polka dots and poodles. And growing up with a dad and 3 brothers, I remember thr farts also.