Two Fridays of thrifting

This is all I bought the last two times I went out thrifting. One Friday driving around to garage sales (looking at the photos I didn't even take any of the fabrics I bought that day) and the other to my favorite thrift store's fall sale.

Forgive the poor quality of the photos. I'm using a new camera, new computer monitor and new photo program.

Vintage sewing kit and tomato pin cushion.

Three hobnail milk glass lamps an autumn-colored afghan and similarly colored stand mixer cover (unused and in its original package).

1967 Spirograph (my boys already had fun with it), "Book of Knowledge" flash cards, and a bunch of children's books.

Green plastic beads to keep my little guy occupied while I was shopping, Minnie and Mickey Mouse pins (he's a Kodak one from 1989) and leprechaun troll earrings.

Really retro embossed plastic science sheets. I didn't want to take them out of the bags to photograph them but I might. They'd be great backdrops for shadowboxes.

I already had one of these handles. With the second one, I want to make a coat rack.

Vintage Christmas paper!!!!

Pretty poppy plate, fabric and an old handmade wool robe in mint condition.

1970s dotty daisies contact paper, a metal book box in Martha Stewart green, a hand beater made in Vermont, a green insulator (I now have 3 in that color) and 8 metal trays.

Couple of lidded containers in the back and silver cups, a bowl and two teacups for making pin cushions.

"Collegiate Personality Pets" -- one from a fraternity/sorority and the other from Albany State.

Two wind-up clocks. At a buck a piece, these make a great statement when grouped together. Time to look for more. (Get the pun? LOL)

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Missy said...

Wowza! Awesome thrift finds. I adore the clock idea.

p.s. thanks for adding me to your blog list, I'm so flattered!