Pillows and my craft basket

This was a fun impromptu project. The kids I sit for and my boys wanted to make pillows. They didn't actually want to do any of the work and mostly gawked as I worked. I made plain squares pillows with the fabric of their choice for the boys then let them do the stuffing. For the one girl, I had a hard time finding pink fabric -- until I pulled out two matching doilies. I sewed them together right side out and she stuffed it herself. Now to dig out more embroidered linens..

Since my mom had extra fabric after getting curtains made for her new house, she asked me to make pillows. I forgot I had already made two blue/yellow ones for her family room back in the spring and just made two more. Oh well, lol. The yellow one is for her living room and the green are for her bedroom. Most of them are made with pockets so the pillow form can be taken out to clean them. My dad said he was going to keep the tv remotes inside them, lol.

I keep forgetting what projects I have going on (probably because I have so many ideas). Putting supplies in this little basket and carrying it from room to room has helped keep me focused. There's the fabric and trims for a bag for myself. And my journal. The night I took this picture, I made sketches for the aforementioned bag. And lastly, there are the booklets for my new camera. I want to learn how to make the most of it.


Kari & Kijsa said...

You have a good eye! Love the pillows and all that good stuff you found! We will be checking back!

Kari and Kijsa

southerngirlmusings said...

Love the basket idea and the pillows are great! The embroidered linese are so girly girly and are perfect.